Card Controls

Monitor spending. Protect your accounts.


Real-Time Mobile Notifications - To help monitor fraud, receive transaction notifications in real-time right to your mobile device each time a transaction occurs.

Card On/Off - Protect yourself immediately when you misplace your card. You can quickly turn off your lost card to prevent new purchases and cash withdrawals until you find it.

Transaction Type - Control how your card can be used. Limit your card to in-store or online purchases, for example.

Transaction Limits & Merchant Categories - Limit the dollar amount that can be spent when your card is used. This will decline all purchases above your designated limit. You can also set preferences to control and monitor transactions within specific merchant categories such as groceries, gas stations, entertainment, or travel.

Choose Your Regions - Prevent fraudulent purchases outside of your regular geographic location. Use location indicators like zip code, city, and state.

Getting Started

Download the SecurLock Equip App - This feature is currently only available for Personal Debit Card users. Visit your Apple or Android mobile app store and install the SecurLock Equip App.

Click Sign Up Free - Near the bottom of the screen you will see the Sign Up Free button. Click it and then enter your debit card number on the following screen.

Enter Remaining Card Information - Follow the remaining prompts to enter additional card information, the billing address associated with that card and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Terms and Conditions - You will need to review and accept the Terms & Conditions to proceed.

Create Your Login - To complete signing up, you will need to create a username and password for the SecurLock Equip app.