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Leap into Action: 5 Ways to Spend an Extra Day

Financial Well-Being
A February 2024 calendar with the 29th circled.

Our calendar has a bit of catching up to do. You see, Earth’s journey around the Sun actually takes 365 and a quarter days, not 365 days exactly, and every four years, those leftover hours add up to an extra day called Leap Day (February 29).

Our timekeeping system isn’t perfect and even the calendar needs an occasional adjustment to stay on track. Whether you have a bit of catching up to do of your own or just want to get ahead of schedule, we have a few ideas for how to spend your bonus hours with purpose.

Get your taxes done early
According to IPX 1031, 29 percent of Americans admit to procrastinating on their taxes due to it being stressful, time consuming, or because they’re worried they’ll owe money. A whopping 28 percent don’t even know when the tax filing deadline is this year (it’s April 15, 2024). Starting the process now can take a load off, giving you plenty of time to gather all the documents needed, check for accuracy, and get assistance, if needed.

Make a savings plan
As we mentioned in a recent update, we’re seeing signs that the clouds are clearing in regard to our economic environment. However, many Americans are still struggling with saving due to inflation, debt, poor spending habits, lack of income, or simply because they don’t know where to start. According to recent Bankrate studies, 41 percent of U.S. adults are not feeling financially secure due to insufficient retirement funds, and 22 percent have no emergency savings at all. Take this time to review your budget, look for cost cutting opportunities, tap into your employer’s 401(k) match, or to set up an automatic transfer to savings to get on track.

Practice gratitude
Relationships are the heart of our business and what make life truly meaningful. Think about the last time a friend reached out or when you received a heartfelt thank you from a colleague or kind words from a family member. Use the day to reflect on the people and relationships in your life that have helped you get to where you are – and take a moment to express your gratitude. These small acts have the power to make a difference in someone’s day, and we bet you’ll be smiling afterward, too.

Have a data management day
When was the last time you updated your passwords, cleaned out your camera roll, refreshed your contacts, or backed up your files? In our increasingly online world, we all have an incredible amount of data and information to keep up with. Take the bonus day to knock out our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Checklist and enhance your digital security.

Impact lives
Our company’s mission is to impact lives, and each day when our team walks into our HQ, they see the question, “How will you impact lives today?” on the associate entrance wall. No matter how big or small, you can make an impact every day with your actions. We would love to see you spend your extra hours in 2024 finding a way to make a difference in your community.


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