People Pay

It's like using cash, but better.

Sending and receiving money is now easier than ever. Whether splitting a dinner bill with friends or paying your landlord for this month's rent, People Pay is an easy way to send money. All you need is someone´s email address or mobile number to quickly and securely send them money with Southern First People Pay.


How People Pay Works?

Why use People Pay?

Split the dinner bill with friends or family
Pay the babysitter, little league coach, or the dog walker
Pay for your landscaping or house cleaning services
Send your landlord this month's rent
Cover your portion of utilities or cable with roommates

Getting started...

Simply enroll with People Pay through Online Banking. After completing enrollment, you can then access People Pay through our mobile or tablet apps. It's easy to create contacts, choose the account to draft the payment, and manage your People Pay profile and settings.

Sending Money

Using your recipient's mobile phone number, e-mail address, account number or PayPal account, send money directly to their bank account – even if they don't bank with Southern First.

Receiving Money

Text message or email alerts prompt recipients when they have received a payment. Recipients already enrolled will simply access People Pay through Personal Online Banking or their mobile or tablet apps. Recipients not enrolled with People Pay receive built-in directions on how to claim their money.

Steps to Enroll in People Pay

  1. Log in to Personal Online Banking
  2. Select Pay People under Pay and Transfer in the main navigation menu
  3. Agree to the Terms of Use
  4. Select the accounts you would like to use with People Payments.
  5. Confirm your Email Address

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