Account Alerts

Constant monitoring of your banking activity can be stressful and time-consuming. All new Premium Account Alerts keep you informed, when you need and want to be informed.

Real Time


Know what is happening with your bank account. The new normal is real-time because the faster you know, the faster you can react.



Make your alerts match your financial lifestyle. Use it to help save for a house or monitor fraud.



Being well-informed about your finances gives you the knowledge to make the right decisions.

Text Alert Phone

What are the benefits to me?

Keep your accounts and personal information safe and secure. Notifications will allow you to react fast if a fraudulent situation were to occur.
Financial monitoring has many benefits. Text and email notifications are going to keep you engaged with your finances.
Everyone has different financial lifestyles. Use this feature to manage your spending habits or save up for a new home.
Over time notifications will let you better understand your spending, income, and other financial patterns. This will allow you to make informed decisions.


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How do I access the custom account alerts?

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Navigate to the Customer Service section in the top navigation bar.
  • Find Contact Options and click Manage Alerts.
Other Helpful Information
Make sure to check that your contact information is correct. You could try testing the alerts to ensure they are working properly.
Consider which devices and email addresses you would like each of your bank notifications sent too.
There are 4 alert sections for custom notifications: Account, Bill Pay, People Pay, Service.
You can send a single alert to both your mobile device and email address. This can increase security, and can be important with larger transactions.
Alerts can not be sent as an iMessage. A cellular signal is required. Notifications are sent by SMS Text Message only.

We are here to help with Account Alerts!